The most efficient way to win is to reverse engineer what is working

Subject: Competitors

Category: Consultations

Date: May 2018

Reverse engineering what works is by far the most efficient way to get results, the SEO tools and third website data now available allow us to do this with surprisingly high levels of accuracy.

Find out how your competitors are ranking

We’ll provide you with a list of all of your competitors’ keywords. Including the most valuable key phrases that they rank for. This is very useful information as it confirms to you what your competitors’ customers are looking for and what keywords they used to searched for it.

Full list of what keywords you are ranking for

You will get a full list from a range of tools combined into a single list of the current keywords you rank for, often your website is ranking for target phrases but they may be well down the list on page 6,7 or 10 even, either way, they are very unlikely to be clicked on but by taking advantage of this knowledge means you’ll be building on existing results and not starting everything from scratch, saving a lot of time and allowing the right amount of resource to be put behind the right result.