What Google Loves?

Relevant Domain Names

Domain names are very powerful when Google is looking for relevance; if your domain name tells Google what you do this is a great advantage.

Quality Backlinks

Think of it like creating a quality network of professionals, ideally, you would only connect with relevant, trusted and influential individuals to build your authority within a business community, well the same applies to your website, we want to only connect with the most influential and popular sites to increase our status online.

Relevant Page Names

Google gives a lot of credit to a page name (or inner URL to be a bit more technical) so…. www.jdplumbers.com/london is going to help this website rank for not just for plumbers but London, this sounds very simple but most web designers we deal with do not fully understand this and almost none our clients are.

Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a score that Google measures on your website site and everybody else’s. It is vitally important that we boost our trust flow by linking to our social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Relevant Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most underutilised elements in SEO, this is what comes up in blue when you see the search results on a page. If used correctly in combination with the domain name and URL it can be the difference between being at the bottom of page one and being at the top.


Probably more than anything Google loves traffic…. simply put ‘ if it is popular Google wants to know why’ , so creating a trickle of traffic for new websites is vital to getting some traction with an online presence as is significantly increasing more established websites traffic levels to expand upon theirs.