Webpages often need a audit so they are Google friendly

Subject: Website Insights

Category: Consultations

Date: May 2018

There a number of things that should be done as standard, putting it simply the page should make it easy for the Google bots to decipher what the page is about as easily and quickly as possible.

Labelling Images

Google can’t see images like humans can, so it is vital that they are labeled with text so the bots can read what the images are described as, we do this by completing all the available descriptions, if not done this can go a long way towards restricting your ranking positions in the search engines.

Page Speed

Allt he information on the page has to be loaded once it is clicked, the smaller the files, compressed being the correct term, the quicker it loads, Google likes quickly loading pages, so if your files are too big they could be hurting your chances of ranking above your competitors.

NAP - Name, Address & Phone number

As obvious as it sounds, having your NAP correctly positioned in the footer and correlating with your other directory listing makes all the difference when getting Google to trust your site belongs to a real business. Google is always on the lookout for fake sites, so it is best to not let the bots label yours as an imposter.