There are 4 main stages to SEO, each one can be broken down into many parts but for simplicity's sake this is what we do day to day

Step 1; Keyword Research

Keyword research and selection is probably the most important skill in SEO, if you don’t determine what words your customers are using to look for your products or services, you will either end up trying to rank for phrases that your industry uses or very broad phrases that bring in all sorts of irrelevant traffic. If you get this bit right you are halfway there already.

Step 2: Optimisation

The word optimisation can sound pretty ambiguous to most, but what is means with regards to search engines is simply, presenting and developing a website in such a way that Google sees it as relevant, trustworthy and useful in the niche or sector of business that it represents. There are dozens of elements and processes that have to be undertaken to achieve this, all of which we will gladly explain but we often find that people glaze over a little as it is pretty complex but by no means a mysterious art, more a manageable method.

Step 3: Traffic

In the SEO world, we call people visiting websites ‘ traffic’. A good analogy being that website are like virtual billboards on a digital highway. And like real billboards your content is ideally compelling and being presented to the relevant audience. So if we have done the of optimising your website job correctly, then we should be getting targeted traffic that already has an intent to buy your product or acquire your services before they arrive at your offering

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat.....

Once the keywords have been identified, the site has been optimised for those keywords and traffic is flowing to the website, we start the process again, looking to find other ways that your customers search and find whatever it is you are selling.