PressOn - Large Format Digital Printers

PressOn UK’s leading large format digital printers and began in 2000 when directors Nigel Webster and Andy Wilson, decided to combine their knowledge of digital printing and launch their own company.

SEO has been working with PressOn for over 12 months on a continuous SEO contract, PressOn also employs us to devise and manage their Adwords strategy and budget alongside actively developing their social and secondary web properties.


Company Turnover: £2 Million

Contract Duration to date: 18 Months

What our client has to say: ” We had reservations about taking on an SEO company as we had used various online paid strategies in the past and hadn’t been able to really determine the ROI, but we have been able to very clearly see an upturn in business that correlates with the areas of company that the SEO strategy has been focused upon from the outset “

A Smart SEO Strategy For A Highly Reputation Conscious Industry

The Project

Developing and delivering innovative printing solutions for some of the world’s most image-conscious brands it was vitally important that PressOn projected the same concern for reputation management within its’ SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

The world of high-end large format printing is a very technical one. So in order to get customers visiting the website, our team worked very closely with the experts at PressOn to dig deep into the more technical phrases that customers use to find their services.

Articles, Blogs and Links

PressOn often has very newsworthy content to publish as they often work on high profile projects and these stories are of interest to online media outlets. We capitalise on this by ensuring those websites are structuring and coding their articles to maximise the SEO benefits for the company website.

Web Development

During the contract PressOn fully revamped their website, we worked alongside this process to liaising closely with the web designers to mitigate any detrimental effects to the SEO strategy. The end result was very successful considering the site was completely re-designed we saw almost zero effect on the ranking positions and in some cases, we improved upon existing results once the new site went live.