On-page SEO is exactly as it sounds, it is about making your web pages readable and understood by Google

Subject: On-Page

Category: Optimisation

Date: May 2018

Remember, Google is a robot and it can’t interpret information anywhere near as well as humans so we need to create pages that are fully understood by us sophisticated primates brains as well as the somewhat simpler Google brain.

URL's & Page Titles

Making sure your page title and URL accurately describe what your business is about, sounds very basic but we more often than not find web designers do not think along these basic ‘SEO’ lines.

Image Labelling

Google can’t read the graphics of an image, so it can only go by what it is labeled as, so best practice is to name the file, title the image input the alt text and ideally geotag it so Google knows which geographical location it is referring to.

Keyword Density

This is a somewhat older term in SEO these days, mainly because it is not as important as it used to be, so don’t waste lots of time of getting this perfect, the formula is now very simple and optimisation resources are best spent elsewhere.