Keyword research is the most undervalued skills in search engine optimisation, get this wrong you'll be paddling upstream from that point on.

Subject: Keyword Research

Category: Strategy

Date: May 2018

The key to getting your keyword selection right is really understanding your customer.

Creating a clear picture of who they are, what they like, what they dislike, how they think, what vocabulary they use, what questions they may have, how they perceive value, how they perceive quality, we could go on…

But know just from these suggestions you will quickly start to drill down on terms that are not only going to bring in traffic but the traffic that converts to sales.

Research Tools

Our keyword research and the tools we use is second to none, we don’t just pick out the most obvious phrases and go straight into battle, we build your keyword profile through finding buying phrases that your competitors have missed. 

Snowball Effect

The trick to gaming Google and get some traction is to rank for less competitive terms and then flank around and pick up the ‘bigger’ terms once Google sees your authority and those phrases rising. 

Building Upon Momentum

We let the data guide us, a big mistake is to think you know what customers are looking for and ignore what the data is telling you, you will amazed at how much ‘traffic’ mileage we can get from a single phrase and all it’s variations.