Links make it possible for Google to do its job, which is to be a relevance-based search engine.

Subject: Linking

Category: Overview

Date: May 2018

It is almost second nature to people now to search for things they want on Google, most people don’t stop to think how Google finds what it is you are looking for, well apart from what you have written on your website, which Google reads and understands for the most part,  it finds your websites by looking at what websites you are linked to.

Links Create Relevance

So that’s why you’ll hear us talk about links … a lot… because we know how important this is to getting your website up the rankings for the terms you want to be found for.

Quality Links not Quantity

Now, this doesn’t mean more links is better, far from it, links that are not relevant or poor quality will actually harm your website’s performance in search engine, so it is very important to understand who to link to and why.

It's all about Trust

We want to link to websites that are highly trusted and, ideally, highly relevant to our own.