Google My Business - This is your local business listing that comes up in Google if someone searches for your type of business in your area.

You may have come across google my business listings, these have become more and more important for local and national businesses, it is now vital that they are set up correctly as they form the bases of how Google knows who and where you are, if you get these wrong it can have a detrimental effect the rest of your SEO marketing plan.

We fully understand how your GMB (Google My Business ) listing should be set up and will be one the first things we do to make sure we are working from a solid foundation of SEO citations.

Subject: GMB

Category: SEO Element

Date: May 2018


Citations are a ‘webby’ word for directory listings, as mentioned before Google provides a directory service in GMB, this is the most important listing, however, there are many more that will need to be set up.

Why is GMB so powerful for your business

The GMB listing has a very high conversion rate for businesses that have taken the time to get their listing optimised because Google will automatically display businesses that are local to the searcher for the service they are looking for. So they get lots of clicks because people tend to prefer dealing with local companies for local services.