Our on-screen consultations are very in depth - and there is genuinely no obligation

Subject: Consultations

Category: Overview

Date: May 2018

We find that our clients gain a lot of value from seeing us go through their website live on screen, we guarantee that value you will get from allocating 30 minutes to speak to us will be worth at least hundreds of £ to your business, we don’t hold back on the advice, our approach is if we see an SEO opportunity in your niche we’ll tell you whether you choose to contract with or not 

Keyword List specific to your business

After the consultation, we’ll provide you with a list of the most valuable keywords to your business.

URL and Page Title Changes

A simple but very effective way to get a website’s rankings improved is to label the page URL ( the bit after the forward slash “/” ) and the title tag. We will provide you with a list of changes that will have an immediate effect on your rankings. 

5 Tried and Tested Free Backlinks Resources

By implementing what we have suggested in the previous points and then applying our  5 Tried and Tested Free Backlinks Resources to those changes you can not fail to get an ROI on your time spent with us.