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Subject: Free Monitoring

Category: Reporting

Date: May 2018

To the uninformed, this may sound all a bit meaningless, but this is such an important and often overlooked essential for websites and their ability to rank.We’ll try not to get too technical because it can become full of jargon but believe us when we say if you don’t understand why these things are important you need to pay someone who dies because if left completely unattended search console can stop you ranking altogether. 


Indexing simply means the process on pages being loaded into the search engine database. It is possible that some of your web pages have been indexed this means they will not show up no matter how much you spend on a web designer or SEO, hence why this is such a valuable part of our health check.


Sitemaps are exactly what they sound like, i.e. a map to help the Google bots navigate your website. We see a lot of sites that simply don’t have one, if this is the case then Google will decide what it crawls and can often miss your most relevant important pages, this is a disaster if you’ve spent money on designing a website that can’t be read properly.

Structured Data AKA Schema Data

Ok, we know this probably doesn’t mean much to most, but it is important and becoming more and more important to Google as time goes on. The more complex the web becomes Google needs better signposts and labels to describes elements well enough. In short, all websites need schema data on them sooner rather than later, as sites that do will rank better and display better for the searcher.