With all this talk of optimisation, it is important not to forget we need something to optimise in the first place

Content is not just words, it is now videos, images, infographics, web forms, audio we could go on …… by using all these mediums content will be more compelling and create a smoother customer experience which increases the likelihood of converting that visitor into a sale.

Think of it like a well laid out department store where you can easily see the different department areas, promotional banners, store navigation, prices on the products, where to pay for your goods and the subliminal messages suggesting to the customer why they should buy from you.

When you combine this with bringing those customers to your shop with keywords they have chosen you have created an almost irresistible intent to buy which is what SEO is all about

Subject: Conversion

Category: Content

Date: May 2018

CONTENT 101 - Things you should know

Bounce Rate

A term that will crop up if you work with an experienced SEO agency is ‘bounce rate’, all this means is the percentage of people that are landing on your website and then immediately click there way of to somewhere else on the web, this is called ‘bounce rate’, and all you need to know is the lower the better.


Another staple of converting content speak is CTA’s or ‘Call to Action’. These are simply areas of the page where space is allocated to buttons or links that urge the visitor to click and take an action, the most common examples being ‘ buy now’ or ‘contact us’. Not complicated but many websites we see do not understand the importance of CTA’s or correct their optimum placement on the page.

Multi-media content

How people consume content has changed a lot even in the past 3-5 years, Facebook now has more videos postings that text for example. The trend is towards more engaging content through easier mediums to digest, such as moving images. We understand the power of video and how to use them to your advantage within your SEO strategy.

Conversion Rate

CR or ‘conversion rate’ refers to the percentage of people who take the action that you intended once they have been on your website, like giving you a cal or buying your product directly through an online shopping cart. Monitoring this and improving it is a critical part of success when looking to monetise online traffic. The ideal scenario is that you increase your traffic whilst increasing your CR, this can quickly lead to a doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your leads and/or sales.