If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we will answer any questions you might have. 

Who do we work with

We work with all types of businesses, if you don’t have a website we have a sister company Rave Creative, they have years of experience to help you create your vision online and get the property ready for our SEO services.


How much does SEO Cost

This is a very common question from potential clients, especially in the early stages of talks, and for good reason, the answer, however, is that there is no one size fits all package for SEO because the variations in the types of businesses and the keywords they would like to rank for combined with the almost infinite range of competition around those important ‘ intent to buy’ keywords is just too vast. However, as a guide, we have contracts that range from £300p/m to £3500 p/m.

Does every site need SEO

The majority of sites do need SEO simply because the majority of websites online are there with the intention of being found, which ultimately is the purpose of SEO. However, there are exceptions where company websites are purely there as a point of reference and they direct potential clients to it directly or on the rare occasion we simply can not find any relevant ‘ intent to buy’ phrases for the offering, in which case we will always be upfront about this, but in our experience the only occasions we have come across this is with startups or new product launches, where the public is simply not ‘product aware’, i.e. if they don’t know what it is they simply won’t have the thought to search for it in the first place. On these occasions, we normally suggest a digital outbound marketing strategy instead.

How good are we at SEO

We are confident we are good, the team have constant ongoing training and our existing clients have been very happy with their return on investment, with our their permission we will be happy to share some of the results we have achieved for them upon request.

How long will it take

This does depend on level of competition your website is up against, and there are some natural delays that happen due to Google not reacting in real time i.e. the database will update roughly on a monthly basis, so if we implement a change this will not take effect until at least a month after, however that said we typically see positive changes in our clients rankings positions within 2-4 months.